Pensacola Florida CME Conference

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Day 1 – Evaluations

Throughout day 1, we’ll cover:

Learning about the approach and differential diagnosis for chest pain and shortness of breath.  In this session, we will teach you a system of evaluation that is reproducible, easily applied and clinically precise.

Information on acute coronary syndromes, aortic dissection and pericarditis.

Pathologies on the differential diagnosis, such as pneumothorax and pulmonary embolism.

We will end with our national expert discussing risk factors understanding, assessment, prevention and therapeutics.

We all have questions.  Well, this is the time.  Each day we will end with a round table discussion with our speakers from the day, answering audience’s questions as well as brain storming collectively on case studies.


Day 2 – Diagnostics

Throughout Day 2,  we will explore all aspects of diagnosing cardiac disease and cover the following:

Earn your black belt in ECG interpretation, from the basics to advanced.  Within this program, you will hear about the six deadly EKG findings that are easily missed, such as Brugada, prolonged QT syndrome and WPW.

You will also learn about the invasive testing you may need to order and interpret the results.

The day ends with a panel discussion of the audience’s questions and case studies.


Day 3 – Pharmacology (8 Hours of Pharmacology Credit)

We’ll wrap up the final day of the conference by making sure you understand the pharmacology like a Jedi master!   During this session, we stress the clinical approach to mechanisms, hot spots and trouble areas.  We will also discuss the details and clinical application of MONA, the antiarrhythmics, antihypertensives and complications.

It’s critically important to know the common side effects of each medication and the bad ones.  We will stress clinical application.


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