CORE Self Assessment CME Workshops

5-Hour LIVE CORE Workshops - The New Self Assessment CME

Less Time Commitment, More CME Value! Earn up to 30 hrs. of AAPA Category 1 CME Credit.

The CORE program is designed by John Bielinski PA-C, a 17 year acute care veteran, to help you get the best value from your CME conference. Do you know your own strengths and weaknesses as a clinician? Assessing your own skills can often be the best way to start understanding how you can improve. Test your knowledge, network with colleagues, and enjoy an engaging learning environment! The workshop consists of attendance at our event, plus the completion of our take home assignment. The combination of these two portions will earn participants a total of 20 AAPA Category 1 CME Credit Hours; these credits are recognized by NCCPA for 1.5 times the approved value. This means in with our quick 5-hour you can get 30 hours of AAPA Category 1 CME credit!

What is CORE?

CORE stands for CME4Life, One-day, Regional, Event.

This not just a random group of adjectives. Each one of these terms simply corresponds to the experience that you’ll get at our IMPACT Emergency Medicine CME conference. We show you a new way to learn medicine through the use of our “Active Engagement Learning” system. You’ll be actively participating in case study questions and competing with all of your colleagues in the course by using our Audience Response Units. Review the case, select your answer, analyze the class results, and learn the correct diagnosis under the guidance of John Bielnski, Jr. PA-C.

SA CME Conferences

Active Engagement Learning & Self Assessment:

Say “goodbye” to boring PowerPoint presentations and start putting your critical thinking skills to the test. We make complex medical topics easy to understand and we help you learn it in a way that makes it easier to retain! Our Audience Response System throw you right into the action and give you real-time results after each question. Take on the challenge and see where you stack up against your colleagues. You’ll find out which areas of medicine you need to improve and we’ll have fun doing it! Choose from any of our 3 CORE focused topics:

  • Acute Care Medicine
  • Orthopedic Medicine
  • Cardiology 



You will use our Audience Response System to test your knowledge with real-time results!


Awesome conference! One of the best I have attended. John was genuine and shared his experiences with us. He made learning the information fun. The mnemonics helped me learn the information quickly.Lynette B., November 2016

This was a wonderful course and so different from ones I have attended in the past. This was very informative and skills presented differently to help with studying. Great job, Thank you.DeAnn R., October 2016

Fantastic, interactive, fly-by, fun learning experience. Thank you for offering this wonderful alternative to traditional courses. I learned so much and can’t wait to tell others about this. Plus, now that we are earning time and half for this, you absolutely cannot beat your programs. Thanks again!Emily K., September 2016

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AAPA Category 1 CME Credit

aapa_cat1_sa-cme_logo-2This Self Assessment Live Acute Care Challenge has been approved for 10 credits of AAPA Category 1 SA CME, PLUS the Self Assessment Take Home Acute Care Challenge has been approved for 10 credits of AAPA Category 1 SA CME. With the live and take home portion combined, this workshop is approved for 20 credits of AAPA Category 1 SA CME; these credits are recognized by NCCPA for 1.5 times the approved value.


About CME4LIFE & John Bielinski, JR. PA-C

SA CME ConferencesJohn Bielinski is the founder and CEO of CME4LIFE. He has taught at multiple PA schools, local, state and national Conferences and is hailed as one of the greatest presenters in the country. With his unique active style and easy to follow presentation, attendees have reported learning more in one day from him than an entire year in the classroom!

John earned a master’s degree in family and emergency medicine and is a national lecturer on emergency medicine and extraordinary patient care. His experience not only includes years of hospitalist/intensive care coverage, but he has also run a rural emergency department for nine years autonomously, having cared for hundreds of cardiac arrest and critically ill patients. John has lectured for over 10 years teaching PA students at two PA schools in Buffalo, NY, as well as instruction of paramedics/ nurses on advanced cardiac life support.

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