PANCE/PANRE Board Review Course

Demystifying the PA Boards Conference
PANCE/PANRE Board Review Course

“One of my recent graduates, who the faculty had already written off as not passing the NCCPA exam came by yesterday. I congratulated him on passing the exam. We chatted for several minutes and I got the chance to ask him how he did it. “What did you do that help you succeed and pass the board exam?”

His response was that he had some study review books but the best was that he purchased some DVDs from a John Bielinski. My initial thought was “ I have seen this guy on You Tube.”

This student had done so poorly in the mock exam we had administered that we wrote him off as not passing the boards. If your method helped him, it must be worth the money.”

Frank Ambriz MPAS,PA-C
Chair and Clinical Assistant Professor
University of Texas Pan Am
Physician Assistant Department

This programs “smart study” approach to give you what you need to pass the PANCE/PANRE, and we are offering the “EXTREME PASS GUARANTEE!”

There are a number of board review programs that claim to be “comprehensive;” these conferences are a full four to five full day conference. If you need a full review of medicine these programs are valuable. There are also a number of PA board review study guides that provide a comprehensive study approach and material. For some, this is the right approach.

Then there are others, the ones that need “the edge.” By “the edge” we mean the study tips and tactics to understand the most amount of material in the shorted period of time. Passing the boards is a “social system” of learning, it’s a game. This means if you get the right answers at the right time for the right questions, you pass. This is different then real learning, which is a “natural system” of learning, similar to farming. You can’t cram your seeds into the ground and expect a prosperous crop. Our system of learning is “smart learning,” teaching you to get the most information in the shortest period of time without cramming.

Learning never came easy to me. In high school, I was a “special learner.” I had to develop new ways and techniques to learn and retain information, for more information on how I learned to learn, and thus teach. What I employ with our Demystify the Boards program are those techniques to optimize learning – giving you the most amount of information in the shortest period of time.

I have taught nationally for PA board review programs over the last 10 years, as well as speaking for the AAPA, NCAPA, FAPA, MAPA, SCAPA, KAPA, NYSPA, WNYPAA, NDAPA, and numerous private organizations. I have been honored to speak internationally, at McMaster’s University, the first PA program in Canada.

You don’t have to study everything for the boards. Cardiology, pulmonology and gastroenterology are a significant portion of the boards. OB/GYN is small. We will spend optimize learning with proper focus. We will play the game and I will help you win.

Our program utilizes the Audience Response System. You will asked board review questions, and answer them from the control in your hands. You will receive anonymous feedback about your understanding of board questions and key concepts, which will aid in learning.

If you attend our conference and fail your boards, we failed. We are committed to helping you obtain your goal, which is why we off our “EXTREME PASS GUARANTEE!”

We are that confident!

May 7,8 Buffalo, NY
October 3, 4 Las Vegas, NV
December 11,12 Orlando, FL


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